Ultimate Renaissance Palette Dupes?? – Colourpop Pressed Powdered Shadows


Modern Renaissance Dupes?? - ColourPop's Pressed Powder Shadows! - AndreaXlife.com
Can I just start off by saying I meant to review these shadows a long time ago when they first came out. Its been a crazy few months! But, now that I’ve had a while to play with these lil guys and really see how they work I’m super excited to show them to you! The first time I was swatching all the colors, I was instantly getting Renaissance palette vibes. There were a lot of colors that were very similar or practically identical. So, I’m doing a little bit of a review of the Colourpop Pressed Shadows and showing you some of my favorite ( and did I mention a lot cheaper?! ) dupes.

Ok, so each of these shadows hold 1.0 grams of product and are sold individually in pans that are ready to be snapped into any empty palettes you have lying around ( This was kind of a problem for me though, because I don’t have any! ). They came in paper envelopes with plastic holders so they were secure. I think they looked great and I love how secured the pans were. As far as the free 4 shadow palette I received when I ordered, I’m not such a fan of. It actually seems like a great quality cardboard palette; sturdy, really pretty pattern, secure closure. But, BUT, compared to any of my other palettes it is absolutely huge. Most of this palette isn’t pan storage, it’s packaging. I personally don’t have space in my purse to keep a box of cardboard in there! I think you’re much better off splurging for a slimmer case if you’re planing to cary this around with you!


I was shocked by how buttery and smooth these shadows swatched! They do kick off a lot of the powder when you dip your brushes in ( very similar to the way Anastasia Beverly Hill’s shadows do ) but the colors are so beautiful and blendable! Out of all six shadows I bought, I honestly feel like they’re all pretty even in their formulas from the warm toned ones I bought.

Save It For Later – A metallic amber bronze. I’ve worn this one without a primer and it’s one of the most pigmented metallics I have! A little warm for my skin tone, but with some taupe in the crease it’s such a pretty color!

Wait For It – Matte hot peachy-pink. I haven’t been in a bright eyeshadow kind of mood, but I’m planning on using this as a lid color with some taupe or tan to deepen the crease!

Wake Up Call – A matte warm sand color. This isn’t an exact dupe for the Renaissance palette, but it’s a great warm transition to fit if you’re going to be creating your own warm set.

Running Late – A bright matte orangesicle. The lighter version of Burnt Orange, a perfect warn color if you want to add a bit of color to your shadow without going too out there with it!

Paper Tiger – A true matte mustard yellow. Ok, I’ve been looking for the perfect mid-toned mustard shadow FOREVER and this is it! A little bit lighter, but very similar to Golden Ochre.

Note To Self – A matte deep caramel. If you mixed Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna together, you would make this exact color. It’s a bit dark for my pale skin tone, but it makes an amazing outer crease color or to smudge into the lash line for a more natural liner.

Modern Renaissance Dupes?? - ColourPop's Pressed Powder Shadows! - AndreaXlife.com

For a cheaper alternative to some of the higher end palettes out there, or if you know you’re only going to use three or four colors out of any palette and would rater just create your own palette, I definitely recommend these! Every color I tried was super pigmented and blended really well. There is a bit of powder fallout when you use them, but nothing out of the ordinary from most other shadows I’ve used and I really dislike how huge and clunky the free-with-purchase palettes are ( Hey, I had to add some cons lol ). The whole collection seems to lean towards the warmer side of things, with more than half being warm sand colors and orangy tones, but I’m a big fan of this collection!

Have YOU tried any of ColourPop’s new powder shadows? What do you think about them?
I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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