The Sweet Peach Palette is here and IT SMELLS AMAZING! -

The Sweet Peach Palette is here and IT SMELLS AMAZING!

Ahh Too Faced, you did it again with the palettes that we all want to eat (Oh, admit it, you’re totally thought about taking a lick! ). When I heard that the peach palette smelled like “fresh peaches” I was a little worried, thinking the smell would be too strong, and because I’m already not the biggest fan of peaches. I went into it with high hopes though, because the colors in this palette are perfect! Especially if you’re like me and die over peach or warm toned shadows ( As you can totally tell by my current favorite, The Renaissance Palette! ). I’m going to be outlining some of my pros, cons, and favorites from the palette below so give it a read if you’re thinking of buying this one ­čÖé

The Sweet Peach Palette is here and IT SMELLS AMAZING! -

Ok, so this is my first Too Faced palette so this might be completely standard to you Too Faced devotees, but THIS PALETTE COMES IN A METAL TIN AND IT’S SO NICE! The packaging is adorable, first of all. It ┬áhas that cute little peach design in the front with a pastel peach color scheme ( Naturally! ). Opening the palette the first thing you notice is the smell. THE SMELL! It’s not what you’d think it would smell like ( I was thinking the legit smell of a fresh peach, kind of tangy, kind of overripe fruity ). I couldn’t place the exact smell for a long time and called it a white gummi bear smell ( Very similar ), but Stephanie pointed out that it actually reminded her of those little ring shaped peach gummies. The second she said it, it clicked and I knew that was the smell it reminded me of, very sugary. I would more say it smells like artificial peach than fresh, juicy peaches like it says, but I am completely ok with it because I absolutely adore the smell. I would bathe in it if I could. If there was a Sweet Peach perfume, I would buy every bottle. It’s THAT GOOD! I’ve had this palette for about a week and the smell hasn’t seemed to have faded at all, so hopefully it’ll stay smelling amazing throughout it’s life.┬áSomething that I really did think about not including in this post is the taste. I know, I know, it’s an eyeshadow palette but come on! You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about even tasting something that smells amazing. I know you’ve done it too. Anyways, I don’t know if it’s just me or my palette, but it tastes sweet, kind of a light powdered sugar. I don’t know if you cared, and I definitely don’t recommend depotting your brand new peach palette to eat for dessert, but it really makes me wonder how they scent these things.

Moving onto the shade range, this palette has 6 matte shades, 2 matte with glitter, and 10 ranging from a satin finish to full-out metallic. I think it’s an awesome range, and honestly some of my favorite matte transition shades come from this palette so I’m so happy they put the same amount of effort into the base colors as the did the metallics and shimmers. As far as texture and feel, I really loved how these shadows applied. Super creamy and pigmented, and always very easy to blend and meld with any eye look. There are a few shades I had a bit of an issue with, but I’ll list them in the shade descriptions below, and it was never anything major. So, left to right top to bottom, here are the colors in the Sweet Peach palette, Too Face’s description of them and what I think the color looks like:

The Sweet Peach Palette is here and IT SMELLS AMAZING! -

White Peach – A basic matte white. This is an awesome color to use lightly as a base or to blend out and harsh lines and diffuse harshness. I don’t use this one every time I open this palette, but it is a big help sometimes.

Nectar – A pearly peach cream. This is one brow bone highlight that really packs a glow! I am in love with the pigmentation on this one and have been using it every time I do my eye makeup lately!

Peaches ‘N Cream┬á– A matte, milky peach base or brow bone highlighting color. Beautiful, pigmented, really blendable.

Luscious – A metallic peach pearl champagne color, a beautiful finishing touch for any crease color. I also feel like this one would be extremely easy to wear on it’s own with some mascara for a quick look.

Cobbler – A peachy pink bronze. So many of these shades have a peachy tone to them and I love it! This isn’t the traditional metallic bronze you’re used to, it’s so much better ( and more interesting! ). Think lighter bronze, but with pink undertones in it. One of my favorites!

Georgia – This color is described on the website as a “matte peachy gingerbread” and it totally might look like that on someone out there, but on me its a pretty baby peach shade. I’ve been using it as a transition and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Looking at it, you wouldn’t think it would do too much, but don’t let it fool you! This shade is amazingly versatile and perfect for defining your eyes. A staple for me.

The Sweet Peach Palette is here and IT SMELLS AMAZING! -
The light shades

Just Peachy – Shimmering peachy pink with a gold shift. I was really pleasantly surprised with this one! In the pan it’s very pink and I just wasn’t sure how many looks I could use it for, but when you apply it it makes something magical! Its the kind of shadow that starts out as a sheer wash of peachy golden perfection and you can darken it up as you wish, but I really love how wearable it as a sheer color.

Candied Peach – A matte coral with a violet micro glitter running through it, this is definitely one of the brightest colors in the set. I wasn’t quite sure how I would use this one, so I’m really glad one of the pre-designed look tutorials they included featured this color because it’s beautiful!

Caramelized – A deep, gilded metallic bronze. This one is a beautifully done basic bronze color.

Bless Her Heart – In pan, this is straight up olive ( a color I personally love anyways ), but when you swatch it, it transforms into a beautiful shimmering golden moss color ( think more gold than green here! ).

Bellini – Gilded metallic peach, this one could be used as a highlighting shade or a very pretty lid color. It’s more on the light side, so it’s a great shade to really help you dip your toe into the pinks and peaches before you go all-out.

Puree – Another shade description I really don’t agree with! They say this is a “metallic dark bronze”… Umm, its matte? And a mid-toned tan? I get the feeling the description must’ve gotten flipped on this one because it is so far from a dark bronze. It IS a great crease color though! A bit patchy, not as blendable as Summer Yum, but great for looks that need something a bit more true brown.

Tempting – I normally don’t go for blacks in any of my palettes, but this one is really cool! It has a metallic pearl in it so it glows gunmetal grey in the light and I just really like the dimension this has in it and I think that makes such an interesting contrast.

The Sweet Peach Palette is here and IT SMELLS AMAZING! -
My four absolute favorites! Cobbler, Georgia, Summer Yum, and Just Peachy

Peach Pit – A metallic raisin shade with a slight gold shift. Why they made a color named Peach Pit look like a raisin color, I have no idea. Either way, though, this is a beautiful dark tone!

Summer Yum – Described as a “matte gingerbread”, I definitely agree! This is a mid-toned reddened strawberry gingerbread color. It sounds like a mouthful, but this shade deserves no less! This could easily be my most favorite color in the palette and I find myself trying to incorporate it into EVERY look. I feel like it’s a very unique shade and I love that. Honestly, I would buy this palette again for this color alone. It’s just that good.

Charmed, I’m Sure – A basic matte medium-toned brown shade. One of the colors that are essential to creating great looks, but there isn’t really much to say about it. It’s a good neutral.

Delectable – A matte, smoky amethyst. At first look, I could have sworn this was a metallic shade but it really is matte. That honestly makes me love it so much more, wow.

The Sweet Peach Palette is here and IT SMELLS AMAZING! -
The darker side of the palette

Talk Derby To Me – A matte black with violet micro glitter. I’m going to be honest here and say that this is my least favorite shade in this palette. It’s not something I’d ever be drawn to, so that’s a big part of why I don’t like it but it’s also a bit patchy and drag-y ( Very hard to blend! ). The glitter also basically disappears after blending as well, so it’s just another black shade.

I think this palette is amazing and I really love it! From the sturdy case to the amazing smell to the fact that I’m pretty bad with blending and these shadows are VERY forgiving and very easy to blend in. I love absolutely every shade with the exception of the one or two, and they have a great, pigmented formula! Would I recommend? Definitely! I feel like this could also easily be a one-and-done palette, so if you only want to buy ONE palette I really think this is a contender.

What do you guys think of the Sweet Peach palette? I’d love to hear about it!

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