DIY Candy Cane Fluffy Marshmallow Slime! – Recipe & Instructions ♥

Hey guys! Here’s another super cool DIY recipe for you 🙂

I really wanted to make something to get us excited about the rest of the winter and in the mood for peppermint flavored.. EVERYTHING! So, I created the peppermint candy cane swirl with a basic fluffy marshmallow slime recipe. I’m absolutely in love with this texture and how much slime one batch can make ( aka, they make GREAT gifts! ). So, here’s the recipe for the slime and directions on how to get the candy cane design before you mix it up.

+ A 4 oz container to hold your peppermint
+ One 7.265 oz container of white PVA glue or 1 1/2 regular sized bottles
+ glue bottle full of warm water
+ 1/3 tsp borax
+ 1 cup of warm water
+ 1 container of shaving cream
+ Red food coloring
+ White iridescent sparkles
+ Two mixing bowls
+ Cup to mix activator
+ two spoons or things to stir with


1. Collect all of your supplies. Separate the white glue between the two bowls. Fill the empty glue bottle with warm water, shake, and divide evenly between the to glue bowls. Mix completely.

2. Add the red food coloring to one bowl and mix until you get the color you want, and then mix in the irridescent sparkles to the other bowl. Fold half of the shaving cream into each bowl to create a fluffy mix that looks like whipped cream.

3. Add borax and 1 cup of water to the cup and mix until dissolved. Add the mix to both bowls teaspoon by teaspoon and mix gently until you get the texture and stickiness you like in your slimes.

4. Alternate red and white in a 2″ wide striped line until you have a size that looks like it will fit in your container, then roll and insert into the container. Fluff up the top until it looks good, and there you go! A fun lil peppermint slime!


  • Reply Ella February 20, 2017 at 5:35 am

    can you do a vid on how to make super stretchy slime the will hold its place…non sticky and etc. i have been trying to make slime and it is all coming out jiggly….i dont like jiggly slime. i like the REALLY loud pokey stuff that is stretchy and holds its place.

  • Reply Rebecca February 26, 2017 at 2:15 am

    can you make fluffy slime with detergent?

  • Reply Tiffany April 29, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    um my Slime didn’t really turn out that fluffy but it wasn’t that sticky either but i did another one and it turned out fluffier than the first one 😀

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