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3 Easy, Natural Looks From The Sweet Peach Palette!

I’ve been using the Sweet Peach palette for a few weeks now and it’s definitely become one of my go-to palettes! Especially because I’ve been reaching for it almost everyday, I thought I’d show you guys some of my favorite colors in the palette and how I’ve been wearing them. These are definitely very natural looks because, I don’t know about you, but when I’m headed out I’m normally not in the mood to wear a full-face or anything too dramatic just to go to work or shopping! So, here are my neutral favorites and my favorite ways to wear them:

3 Easy, Natural Looks From The Sweet Peach Palette - AndreaXlife.com


As much as I love the darker and more intense shades in the palette, I just LOVE light neutrals for every day! This is the side of the palette that I’ve definitely been making a dent in! What I’ve been doing lately is taking Georgia on a big, fluffy crease brush and buffing it into my crease to give a bit of diffused definition ( I know, I know, it’s a pink shade and a bit out of the realm of neutral tans and taupes where I normally live but it’s a surprisingly versatile pink. On the lid, it doesn’t show up pink like you think it would. It’s more of a muted beige pink and looks AMAZING on lighter skin tones as a perfect transition color ). Then, I’ll take a more precise crease brush and tap a little bit of Puree or Summer Yum in and add that to my crease, focusing on the outer corner and directly in the crease. Add a mix of White Peach and Peaches N’ Cream to the brow bone and blend everything out with the fluffy crease brush. Add a bit of Nectar on a pencil brush to the brow bone and the inner corner and it’s finished! Probably one of the easiest looks ever and it looks amazing if you’re going for the no-makeup-makeup kind of look.

Another way I’ve been wearing this palette when I’m feeling more of a tan shade or a more defined crease is to take Puree on a crease brush and focus it on your natural crease ( Or a bit above, if you’ve got hooded eyes like me ) and make sure to blend it well. Take Luscious on a packing brush ( a flat-looking eyeshadow brush ) and pack it onto your lid. This is a really pretty shimmer that isn’t too dark or dramatic for everyday or to wear with a bare face. Blend the two colors, and add a bit of Peaches N’ Cream to the brow bone and you’re done.

And, finally, probably the easiest and quickest way I’ve used this palette is to just take a bit of Summer Yum or Puree on a crease brush and buff it into the crease to define your eyes, then take a bit of Nectar to your brow bone and inner corners and you’re done! Definitely a favorite when I’m running embarrassingly late or when I’m just not feeling eye shadow but still want to play up my eyes a bit.

I hope you guys liked my super simple ideas on how to use the Sweet Peach palette! I’m hoping to post some photos of the looks in another post and to do another one of these where I show you some of my favorite darker looks you can create with the palette, but for now I just wanted to share how I’ve been using it the most! What are some of your favorite looks or shades in the palette?

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